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Natural Tips and FAQ

  1. Have braids or extensions removed by a professional to avoid cutting or damaging your own hair.  The cost of keeping a head full of healthy hair will be worth it in the end.
  2. Make sure any braid extensions are not so tight that you're in immense pain.  This can lead to hair breakage at the root.
  3. Tie hair up at night with a satin scarf or bonnet.  You can also try a satin pillowcase.
  4. If your scalp is itchy, try rubbing a little it of witch hazel or Sea Breeze on the scalp with a q-tip. Then use a light oil (jojoba, olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed or almond oil).
  5. Use a detangler and a good conditioner before attempting to comb out your natural curls to avoid breakage. Remember to comb from the ends of your hair and work your way to the root.
  6. If you're going to use a gel use light, clear gels and products that don't have alcohol.  Alcohol is a factor in dry scalp. 
  7. Use gels and other hair products sparingly to avoid build-up. 
  8. Avoid products with beeswax and petroleum.  They can cause build up not only in your locs but can also clog your pores at the root.
  9. When starting new locs or starting to go natural, patience will be your best friend.
  10. Embrace your new natural style.
  11. Drink plenty of water.  Yes, this step is also important if you want your hair to thrive and be healthy.
  12. Try your best to use products that are recommended by your stylist.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When starting locs do I need to wait 4-8 weeks before I wash my hair?

    No, no, no!!!  If you are getting your locs started professionally there is no reason to wait this long to have your hair washed.  The water actually assists with the tangling of the hair.  It definitely does NOT need to be washed before two weeks though.

  2. How long will it take my hair to loc?

    This will depend on the texture of your hair.  Softer textures or straighter hair will generally take longer to loc than coarse, very curly hair.  I usually advise people that it can realistically take 3 months to a year.  Patience is very important.

  3. How long does my hair have to be to start locs?

    Ideally I would say at least 2 inches.  This is if you're looking to start with the comb twist method.  If you are starting with two strand twists I would say at least 3-4 inches.

  4. What is the best technique used to maintain locs?

    Palm rolling is the best technique.  It serves to keep the locs uniform.  Always make sure that when maintenance your locs they are all going in the same direction. 

    There are other techniques that stylists may choose as one that they think is best.  This is my personal opinion.

  5. What is the best size to start my locs?

    Generally the size of a #2 pencil is good.  Not too big, not too small.  The smaller the loc, the better the chance that it will eventually break at the root. 

  6. Can my locs be removed without having to shave my head or cut my locs off?

    Yes.  Please keep in mind how long you have had your locs, as more mature locs may be harder to remove.  With this in mind, you may want to cut some of the loc before attempting to remove them.  This is a time consuming process so make sure you have the time, patience and maybe some help if you plan on doing this yourself.

  7. Can I wear styles in my locs?

    Yes.  Your locs can be curled, twisted, braided, cornrowed and crimped.  All of these styles and more can be done with a little bit of creativity.  If you don't have that creative edge there are plenty of locticians out there that specialize in styling locs. 

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